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4orPlay has spent countless hours of researching and developing our company to ensure that we bring to you the best Straight Up Urban Fiction on the market and now, two years later, we are proud to present to you the best Urban Fiction Novels on the market! Here is the upcoming projects for 4orPlay Publications

"East Boogie"
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East St. Louis, Illinois, b.k.a. East Boogie, a poverty stricken, urban ghetto plagued with high crime, drug dealings and ruthless murder. Despite its cold, lifeless image, East Boogie is home for a very diverse population.

Jasmine battles with her fidelity and loses the bout to promiscuity. The only problem is, she's married . . . 

"Silence is Secrecy"




Silence is Secrecy, the sequel to the hottest urban fiction novel, East Boogie by Brady Baxter, has now been released.

Two best friends infused by sex, lust and their meticulous lifestyles both end up possessed by the charisma of a thugged out businessman. Tamica is Jasmine's best friend, her sounding board. She listens to the hot, wild, sexual encounters that Jasmine has had with this businessman. When she meets this Boogieman at a party, Tamica falls in love with him then quickly thereafter realizes the whereabouts of the people who are trying to kill him. She protects her new lover with the blade of a hunting knife.

"Payne Killers"

Athena Payne, a highly educated and beautiful business woman with an insatiable thirst for power, when her father is mysteriously murdered he leaves the family business in the hands of Athena’s younger brother Aries this sends the mildly, psychotic Athena over the edge.

Aries Payne, the young wealthy playboy, was suddenly thrust into the throne of the Payne family empire, power his sister would do anything to get. A long family kept secret is exposed that threatens Aries position, his future and most importantly his respect. Athena discovers that Aries has a long, lost identical twin brother named Apollo. They set Aries up for several murders and he is thrown in jail and once that happens, she convinces Apollo to switch places with Aries.

Payne Killers weaves an intricate tale of family deception and undying lust for the money and the power. With unforeseen twist and truly entertaining plots Payne Killers delivers abundant drama and action. Secrets, lies and ambitions are revealed in this extremely engaging pause free thriller.

The Big Easy. There is no right and wrong or good and evil, there is only truth, get it or get got. Who will reign, Who will fall.

Payne Killers
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"Forbidden Fruit"

Welcome 2 4orBidden Fruit, any pleasure or enjoyment that you might experience while reading this novel will be regarded as an innocent, illicit, tempting indulgence, so please enjoy the second volume of 4orPlay.

This sequence of short, tantalizing stories was written and literally designed with you in mind. Every page you turn, every chapter you read our exciting, fictitious characters will emerge easily transforming the visual cortex of your mind into thinking it was you who was having your very own bite of 4orBidden Fruit.

Please sit back, relax, relieve the stress of today’s society by taking this book, preparing your favorite beverage and enjoying 4orPlay’s succulent, romantic concepts.

We do not promote infidelity here at 4orPlay Publications, LLC and remember……!

Always Practice Erotic Behavior Safely!

Not Available until after May 1, 2014

"Forbidden Fruit"
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Welcome to 4orPlay, in this novel, fictitious characters will actually come to life within your mind allowing you the opportunity to step outside the box and run wild within the erotic paragraphs of our meticulous short stories.

You are about to venture into a world where fantasies were written to excite, arouse and stimulate the electrical impulses found within your brain.

 Please take a seat in the most comfortable part of your home, grab a glass of your favorite beverage and allow 4orPlay this opportunity to add relaxation to your life.
Every page you turn, every chapter you read will allow you to explore, expand and free your mind from the stress of today’s society.

Enjoy 4orPlay’s concept of erotica. We do not promote infidelity here at 4orPlay Publications and remember to always practice erotic behavior safely.

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"A CPA's Account"
The Diaries of Cinnamon Pi Ashton


Cinnamon graduated at the top of her class earning the highest honors and a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She was hired by a leading Fortune 500 company as their Certified Public Accounts Manager.

After years of loyal service, she uncovers encrypted files displaying electronic ledgers linking CEO’s to illegal stock trading and merger takeovers. Every time she logs into her secured terminal, Cinnamon unknowingly was transferring millions of dollars into off shore CEO accounts.

The money laundering remained unreported. ADS Accounting was featured on the front covers of Forbes Magazine for years until the Feds turned the firm upside down seizing the entire network, computer hard drives, client confidentiality documents and financial receipts. Arrests were made, but the CEO’s were able to hide behind their high paid legal defense team, only one major conviction was handed out.

Cinnamon’s passion, confidence and self esteem was taken after serving a horrible 10 year sentence for embezzlement, but she gets revenge when she receives a data chip sent to her from her murdered mother giving her access to a network called the Order, professional killers, every CEO must die!

"A CPA's Account" The Diaries of Cinnamon Pi Ashton
$15.00 plus
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       Coming Soon to 4orPlay Publications, LLC:

Athena's Vengeance, Payne Killers II / Deadly Sin,
The Diaries of a Killer / Dig / Casino Queens,

100% Troublesome / Payne Killers Resurrection,
The Final Chapter / 4or Mi Amour, 4orPlay Vol. III

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