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Welcome to our site and thank you for excaping the reality of your forty hour work week and momentarily venturing into our fictional sanctuary where talented authors have compiled an exciting catalog of urban fiction novels for you to choose from. We have many more authors with interesting urban fiction novels that we will introduce to our fans soon.

 4orPlay was created to stand proud amongst its competitors, to entertain, to give, to provide and to present to you the best that street fiction has to offer. We understand the importance of your leisure time that's why we designed our novels to insulate your mind by injecting the genre of urban fiction into the souls of the reader hoping this prohibits you from the actions of our fictional characters.

4orPlay has spent countless hours of researching and developing our company to ensure that we bring to you the best Straight Up Urban Fiction on the market and now, two years later, we are proud to present to you the best Urban Fiction Novels on the market!

We highly respect, believe and understand the conditions of our culture, but our culture has proven to stand strong through time and now it provides us with a genre that gives us yet another voice so grabbed your favorite pillow and unwind in the comforts of an easy chair; as a matter of fact, make yourself a cocktail because we used unsparing literature to depict an unsparing way of life. We would like for you to find your favorite spot so you can enjoy. Now read 4or Fun, read 4or Xcitement always read 4orPlay.

Although I have put all this together it only happened by the Grace of God and I want everyone to know that I acknowledge him as my lord and savior.

Brady Baxter
CEO/Owner 4orPlay Publications
Straight Up Urban Fiction



East Boogie by
Brady Baxter

East St. Louis, Illinois, b.k.a. East Boogie, a poverty stricken, urban ghetto plagued with high crime, drug dealings and ruthless murder. Despite its cold, lifeless image, East Boogie is home for a very diverse population.

Jasmine battles with her fidelity and loses the bout to promiscuity. The only problem is, she's
married . . . 


$15.00 plus
shipping and handling


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