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4orPlay has spent countless hours of researching and developing our company to ensure that we bring to you the best Straight Up Urban Fiction on the market and now we are proud to bring to you "Silence is Secrecy, the sequel to our inaugural novel, "East Boogie".

"Silence is Secrecy"
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Two best friends infused by sex, lust and their meticulous lifestyles both end up possessed by the charisma of a thugged out businessman. Tamica is Jasmineís best friend, her sounding board. She listens to the hot, wild, sexual encounters that Jasmine has had with this businessman. When she meets this Boogieman at a party, Tamica falls in love with him then quickly there after realizes the where bouts of the people who are trying to kill him. She protects her new lover with the blade of a hunting knife.

The Dude litters the city with the bodies of dead women. He continues to torture then murder his victims inside the walls of his concrete slaughter house. His terror comes to an end after Detective Kem finds enough crucial evidence to uncover his mysterious identity which stops his mayhem and the domino effect from other sick individuals responsible for the sexual assaults throughout the city.

I wonít discuss Dig, I refuse to, heís ruthless and thatís why Silence is Secrecy. Straight Up Urban Fiction at its bestÖIf you donít understand the ghetto?ÖDonít come to the ghetto!

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About Brady Baxter
From being jumped into a notorious street gang, Brady soon found out that the mean streets of E. st. louis was all too real. Two of his child hood friends were critically shot, one was fatal. Brady was a straight A student in English composition and became a straight A product of the streets. After countless arrest of other gang members, he used the smarts that he obtained from the streets but used the smarts from his schooling and enlisted in the USAF.

After eight years of being in the military, his attitude of the streets and now guns quickly became a surreal reality in his life, he was incarcerated by his mind and decided to use gained talents to conquer the urban world and enhance the genre of the ultra, urban, erotic fiction.

Please enjoy the literature that you are about to embark upon. I truly appreciated you for choosing the explosive world of urban fiction. I will always bring you Straight Up Urban Fiction.


East Boogie by
Brady Baxter

East St. Louis, Illinois, b.k.a. East Boogie, a poverty stricken, urban ghetto plagued with high crime, drug dealings and ruthless murder. Despite its cold, lifeless image, East Boogie is home for a very diverse population.

Jasmine battles with her fidelity and loses the bout to promiscuity. The only problem is, she's
married . . . 

$15.00 plus
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