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Once again, divine intervention has intervened I was layed off once again from a computer aided design drafting job and now I know what I must accomplish in life.

I am excited to announce that I have decided to be my own boss and just opened my very first Publications office. I continue to live within the Dallas Fort Worth area where the officeís of 4orPlay Publications is being born.

There are two other pieces of exciting news besides 4orPlay Publications giving birth to their first Publicationís office. We have signed an exciting, talented authors currently residing in the Louisiana area, Mr. Rodney Roussell. This talented writer has lots of expression; he has the mindset, the determination and the perseverance that 4orPlay authors need. We stand by our reputation and will continue to bring you Straight Up Urban Fiction novels.

I would love to hear from you. I welcome your thoughts, views, criticisms, comments, ideas and responses.

I used honest, unsparing literature to depict an honestly unsparing way of life. 4orPlay Publications never promotesí promiscuity or extramarital affairs. So if my ideas of sexual freedom make you creep away from home. Be safe. Wrap it up. Have fun, and DONíT BLAME ME. But if youíre happy at home, love your partner and not another.


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Get Published

4orPlay Publications encourages authors of Urban and Erotic Fiction to submit your manuscripts to 4orPlay for Publications, LLC. Manuscripts must be typed double spaced (hand written is fine if you are incarcerated), must have a synopsis, cover letter. Cover letter should introduce the author and explain why he/she believes their book should be published by 4orPlay Publications. The synopsis must be a complete summary of book no surprises give the plot away.

Submissions must be first seven chapters not to exceed 80 pages. We can determine a novels success by the excitement, deception, mayhem and murder of our writers opening chapters, urban fiction must be thrilling an attention grabber so based on your submission, if your novel is accepted and falls off (get boring) once it's sent in its entirety it will be recycled, so please send your A game. Please keep a copy for yourself in case you are denied, no submissions will be returned. All submissions will be thoroughly read and carefully considered. It may take anywhere from 1-6 months to review your submission so please be patient. We will notify you if your manuscript is accepted so please provide address, email, phone numbers so you can easily by contacted.

We advise every potential author who wants to submit a manuscript to purchase several of our novels to see exactly what 4orPlay Publications concept of Straight Up Urban Fiction consists of. Allow our novels to guide you on your quest if not, your manuscript could be recycled and will not be reviewed if not up to par.

Mail completed submissions to:
4orPlay Publications, LLC
4100 Esters Rd. #286
Irving, Texas 75038

If you have any questions or concerns notify us on our shout out page.



East Boogie by
Brady Baxter

East St. Louis, Illinois, b.k.a. East Boogie, a poverty stricken, urban ghetto plagued with high crime, drug dealings and ruthless murder. Despite its cold, lifeless image, East Boogie is home for a very diverse population.

Jasmine battles with her fidelity and loses the bout to promiscuity. The only problem is, she's
married . . . 

$15.00 plus
shipping and handling

                 Ultra Urban Fiction

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